Class Descriptions

Most classes at Be. Yoga are Vinyasa style unless otherwise noted. Vinyasa means “flowing with breath”. A meditation in motion; the movement from one posture to another flowing along with each breath. Vinyasa movement is fluid with attention to breath and alignment.
OPEN FLOW (all levels)
A well-rounded practice that is perfect for all levels. Begin to deepen your practice with this brisk comprehensive class that will leave you invigorated and energized while at the same time calm your mind, body, and soul.
Slow paced elementary Vinyasa class that explores core postures, principles and functions of yoga for anyone, regardless of age, shape or size, who wants to experience the many benefits of yoga, no experience or flexibility required. Special attention and modifications are offered to each student while emphasizing alignment, awareness of breath, and building preliminary tone and flexibility while safely opening the body.
Moderately paced class designed for students seeking clarity of the key alignment principles and the finer details of basic postures. Skills and modifications for more advanced asana, including inversions and backbends, are introduced. Ideal for students who are relatively new to yoga or more advanced students who are looking for a slower paced class or more attention to alignment.
An intermediate paced vinyasa class that offers a full spectrum of postures. Creative
sequencing allows students to work at their own pace while practicing basic and challenging asana, including balancing poses, inversions and backbends. Breath and alignment remain a focus in all classes.
Renew & Restore
Experience the best of both worlds with a unique blend of fluid vinyasa yoga and deeply
rejuvenating restorative poses. This class will send you on a journey of flowing with the breath in warming postures to prepare your body for fully experiencing deep relaxation. Restorative yoga invites you to unwind and chill out. Emphasis is placed on melting away layers of stress, releasing tension from the body, clearing the mind and lifting the spirit. This class is great for students of all levels.
Strength, Core & Conditioning
Join in for an hour of high intensity body weight exercises designed to tone, strengthen, and increase cardiovascular endurance.  Get fit and learn to increase wellness and body awareness during everyday life!